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If your feet hurt, everything hurts. Make regular pedicures a part of your foot maintenance. In addition to medical attention, well-fitting shoes, and appropriate orthotics, pedicures can help keep your feet in good condition. Toenails need to be trimmed and callouses need to be reduced and softened, but these tasks need to be done safely. footTech Spa specializes in pedicures using procedures and products that lead to a safe experience.

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Your hands are used for holding, waving, balancing, hugging, and greeting. They hold your business card as you meet new people. And too often, hands and nails are used as tools: wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers. A manicure can help you take care of your hands and nails. footTech Spa’s procedures and products enable us to get your hands and nails in good condition and then keep them there.

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No doubt, massages are relaxing, but they are much more. They help in the reduction of stress, muscle tension, and pain. They are beneficial to the young and old, to the active and sedate, and to male and female. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a massage chair or table. Whether you need a sports massage, a Swedish massage, a foot massage, or a customized massage, our therapists can help move you toward a healthier body.

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