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Pedicures and Manicures

What types of guests visit footTech Spa for services?
  • Guests who want safe, relaxing, cosmetic care for their feet and hands.
  • Guests who are afraid to go to nail salons due to the negative media attention or previous personal experience.
  • Elderly who need special considerations.
  • Guests with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and neuropathy, who need special care during pedicures.
  • Guests with referrals from medical providers.
  • Mommy-to-be
What type of pedicure and manicure service should you expect?

footTech Spa guests receive a comprehensive foot and hand assessment to evaluate their readiness for a pedicure or manicure. Some of the services offered include some or all of the following, depending on guest’s health:

  • Each guest will complete a new client form and then discuss with the nail technician any concerns.
  • Documentation with digital photos when warranted
  • Safe nail care
  • Safe, cosmetic minimizing of corns and calluses
  • Gentle massage (health permitting)
  • Gentle buffing or polishing
What advanced training do the nail technicians have?

Advanced Nail Technician logo
An Advanced Nail Technician™ (ANT) is a state licensed nail technician who has completed advanced training to prepare to work safely in performing services for the general public and at-risk patients who need extra gentle care during services.

Medical Nail Technician logo
Graduates of the ANT program may continue their studies to become a CMNT. A Certified Medical Nail Technician™ (CMNT) is a state licensed nail technician who has completed the online CMNT course and has experienced an Internship. footTech Spa’s CMNT, Arlene Spearman, served her internship with an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery. The CMNT is trained to perform pedicures aseptically and on at-risk patients.

Why bother with sterilizing the reusable implements?

footTech Spa is included on the We Sterilize Website. This site was created to identify and promote salons and spas that sterilize their reusable implements in an autoclave and utilize aseptic (clean) techniques. Follow this link to find salons that meet these standards in Texas.

All salons and spas listed on this Website implement the following practices:

  • Sterilization with an autoclave and sealed pouches for metal implements
  • Proper preparation of the implements before sterilization
  • Dust-free surfaces in the salon/spa
  • Clean and uncluttered environment throughout the salon/spa
  • Disinfection of all equipment with a registered EPA disinfectant, including the pedicure bath, according to state protocols
  • Client must wash his/her hands prior to manicure services
  • Nail technician must wash his/her hands prior to the service or wear new gloves for each service
  • Laundered, first-use linens used in salon services
  • Pre-service health screening is practiced, such as use of a new client sheet and examination of the hands and feet before the service
What is the “one time use” policy?

After each client all metal implements are sterilized in one of our two autoclaves. All files, buffers, and woodsticks are disposed after each client.

What are “waterless” pedicures?

Our pedicures are waterless in that we do not soak the feet in water. This procedure reduces concerns over cross contamination between clients. We accomplish our amazing results through the use of quality products and cautious procedures.

Why no shaving or waxing before a pedicure?

For your safety do not wax or shave your legs or feet 24 hours prior to a pedicure.

Why do the nail technicians wear gloves?

We require all nail technicians wear gloves during manicures and pedicures.

Why do you not use razors to shave off callouses?

The use of a razor (called a “Credo” blade) to remove calluses is against Texas regulations. The foot files we use for effective callus reduction are made of stainless steel with abrasive pads. After use, the abrasive pad is removed and discarded, and the file is then sterilized in our autoclave.

Are gratuities appropriate?

It is common practice in the pedicure and manicure industry to receive gratuities. How much should the gratuity be? Compare it to the amount you would give in a quality restaurant for excellent service. Gratuity percentages should be based on the full price of the service.




What types of guests receive massages at footTech Spa?
  • Guests who want a safe, relaxing, massage.
  • Athletes who need relief for their tired and weary bodies.
  • Elderly who need special consideration.
  • Mommy-to-be
  • People who work at computers, who stand for long periods, who are recovering from injuries, who have limited range-of-motion, who lead stressful, hurried lives – in short, almost everyone can benefit from a relaxing and therapeutic massage.
What types of massages are offered at footTech Spa?
  • Our massage therapists listen to your concerns and then tailor your session to meet your needs.
  • Our massage therapists are experienced in numerous modalities of massages.
  • Our massage therapists have both a massage table and massage chair from which to choose so that the guest is comfortable and can receive the most appropriate treatment.
How often should guests schedule a massage?
  • For preventive care and management of daily stress, a monthly massage is common.
  • For pain or relief from chronic tightness, once a week may be recommended.
Why is this located inside footTech Shoe Store?

Could there be a better location? Customers of footTech Shoe Store jog, walk, and limp through the front door. These are people who can benefit from a massage, whether it is a sports, trigger point, myofascial, or foot massage. footTech Spa’s guests can be assured of the rejuvenating benefits of massage therapy.

Are gratuities appropriate?

It is common practice in the massage therapy industry to receive gratuities. Compare it to the gratuity you would give in a quality restaurant for excellent service. Gratuity percentages should be based on the full price of the service.