Your safe place for pedicures, manicures, and massages.

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Our goal is to provide a safe place for cosmetic foot and hand care and massage. We use the most comprehensive techniques, exceeding state requirements, to offer safe pedicures, manicures, and massages.

  • We specialize in waterless pedicures and manicures, avoiding the potential for cross contamination associated with soaking.
  • Our products have been carefully selected to provide you with safe and exceptional care.
  • Clients with immunosuppressed conditions will find a safe haven at footTech Spa for their foot and hand care.
  • All reusable instruments are autoclaved to provide hospital-grade sterilization.
  • A new file/buffer is used on each client. We will be happy to send it home with clients for their personal use, or we will discard it – it will not be used on another client.

Our spa manager is a Certified Medical Nail Technician, the first in West Texas. As a CMNT, she has advanced training in techniques to perform cosmetic procedures safely on clients who are chronically ill. Our procedures and protocols assure that the client will receive a relaxing, beautiful, and safe pedicure or manicure.